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Welcome to the Sylk Developer Docs!

Sylk is a free and open-source framework for developing microservices projects. It aims to simplify the process of creating distributed systems using the latest "Battle Tested" technologies.

One of the key features of Sylk is its CLI (Command-Line Interface), which provides a set of tools to help developers create, build, and run Sylk projects. The Sylk CLI allows developers to easily generate resources, implement easily server-side logic, and interact with their services using auto-generated client-side code ready to be published.

The Sylk CLI is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, even for developers who are new to microservices architecture. By simplifying the process of building distributed systems, Sylk and its CLI help developers focus on creating great applications without getting bogged down in the details of infrastructure and communication protocols.

Overall, Sylk and its CLI provide a powerful and flexible framework for developing modern, distributed applications. Whether you're building a simple Todo list or a complex, multi-service application, Sylk can help you get there faster and with less complexity.

Open-source & Contribution

Sylk CLI is an open-source project (see LICENSE file for more information). The core project, as well as the documentation and any related tool can be found in the Sylk GitHub organization.

As it goes hand in hand with the open-source ecosystem, sylk is open to contributions. The sylk team appreciates every contribution, be it a feature request, bug report, or pull request. The following GitHub repositories are open-source and contributions-friendly:

  • sylk-build/sylk: main repository of Sylk, which contains the CLI and core of the project. Please read the file to have more information about contributions to the main repository.

Sylk Community

Sylk is a community-oriented project with an emphasis on transparency. The sylk team has at heart to share their vision and build the future of sylk with the sylk community.

🤓 Want to join the community?

You can join GitHub to share your ideas and opinions with other community members and members of the Sylk team.