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Sylk Project

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In Sylk, a project is a collection of files and configurations that define a single application or service. It is a self-contained unit that can be easily managed, built, and deployed. Projects in Sylk are created and managed using the Sylk CLI tool or with the Cloud platform.

Each project has a unique name and a set of files that define the project's structure, dependencies, and configurations. The project files can include the source code of the application and configuration files such as environment variables or database connection settings.

Once a project is created, developers can use the Sylk CLI tool to manage the project's lifecycle such as adding resources, dependencies, building the project and deploying the application to a server.


Sylk project hierarchy is defined in a single file called sylk.json. This json file holds all the project resources and the CLI just communicate with this file easily.

Under sylk.json file there are nested resources such as Packages and Services.

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sylk new command options are listed in the CLI Commands section